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About Us

Harold Tate founded our firm with the philosophy "Treat people with honesty, integrity & respect, and you will have a friend, not just a client, for life.?nbsp; Simple words, maybe, but it is a belief we still embrace today. Now more than ever, we are passionate about fairly applying those original principles.


1964 - company started

1981 - Don Oellrich joined the firm

1986 - Don & Harold formed a General Partnership; Jeff Hautala joined the firm

1992 - Harold Tate retired, thus ending a valued time of mentoring for those of us who are still here; at this point we formed a corporation under our present name

1997 - Nancy Hayes joined the firm. 

Don, Jeff and Nancy are shareholders in the firm.

Meet the Staff...  office

Executive Team

Don Oellrich, Member of WSCPA

Jeff Hautala, Member of WSCPA

Nancy Hayes, Member of WSCPA


Associates Team

David Woo, EA, Tax Accountant


Office Team

Marva Miyamoto, Office Manager, Payroll Specialist

Autumn McDowell, Assistant Office Manager, QuickBooks Expert


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